Why health and safety for your business?

Why health and safety for your business?

This is a question everyone asks, this is something no one wants, but everyone needs.
As a business owner, you have responsibilities towards your staff… their salaries, their job security (ideal) and their safety.
How does good health and safety systems in your business help you?
By providing a safe place to work through safe systems of work, your staff receive adequate training to perform their tasks efficiently and safely. 

Health and Safety

Your staff will become competent in their tasks, which in turn will lead to a good safety culture amongst them.

Having Things in Place:

By having these simple things in place your business productivity will increase, you will have a lower staff turn around, which means your business will run smoothly.
Without good health and safety measures in your workplace things can go south very quickly should an incident occur. There are so many hidden costs involved that one does not even consider:

• Increased insurance costs
• Loss of stock
• Loss of experienced workers
• Time lost due to investigations/administration
• Fines
• Loss of morale/bad publicity
• Additional recruitment/training to name a few

Yes, this does come at a cost…. unfortunately. It is however more cost effective to outsource your safety officer instead of having to employ an inhouse person.

All I ask is that every business owner that reads my letter understands what I am trying to say, and please remember one thing. I am writing this not to force anybody into doing something, I am writing this to hopefully inform people of what is required and also to let you know that it seems like another mountain, but it is not. In the long run it is another system in your business that allows you to run your business efficiently knowing that your staff are taken care of and that you have trained personnel in your employ.

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