Which hand sanitizer works the best – alcohol or alcohol-free based sanitizer?


• Contains BZK (Benzalkonium Chloride) which is an effective virus, bacteria, spores and fungi killer
• More effective and longer lasting than alcohol based sanitizer
• Gentle on hands
• Safe to use
• Non Flammable
• Ideal for kids and people with sensitive skin
• Neutral PH Hand Sanitizer

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Which hand sanitizer works the best? Also which hand sanitizer is the most effective one to use? Is hand sanitizer with alcohol better than alcohol-free hand sanitizer?
Currently, the market provides us with two distinct choices: Alcohol-based gels and Alcohol-free hand sanitizers. Both options have their benefits and drawbacks. Choose the one that is right for you. Consider how and where you will need to use hand sanitizer.

The Pros and Cons of Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizers

Most alcohol-free products available today contain the active ingredient Benzalkonium Chloride, a quaternary ammonium. Unlike alcohol-based products, alcohol-free hand sanitizers often contain less than a 0.1% concentration of Benzalkonium. They still provide the same level of protection. The rest of the solution is mainly water and will often be enhanced with skin conditioners such as vitamin E and green tea extract. It’s non-flammable, and the low concentrations of Benzalkonium make it relatively non-toxic. However, these products are all recommended for external use only.
Alcohol-free hand sanitizers entered the market as these solutions are much easier on the hands. They also pose much less of a threat in cases of accidental ingestion. Alcohol-free hand sanitizers are a low fire hazard and are non-damaging to surfaces. One other clear benefit is the extended protection that occurs. Alcohol-based product’s ability to kill bacteria ends once the product has dried on the skin, but benzalkonium-based products continue to provide protection well after the solution has dried.

Both types of products do more or less the same job in killing harmful microbes. Choosing the right product by weighing your needs against your environment, budget, and personal preference.

For example, if you work in school, correctional facility, rehab center or manufacturing facility, an alcohol-free system would most likely provide you the most peace of mind and protection from ingestion or fire. If you work in a hospital that requires you to follow strict guidelines set by the FDA, you may need to go with an alcohol-based gel.
Whatever your needs, use an effective hand sanitizer as part of your preventative defense against illness and disease. This is a crucial part of a healthy environment.

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