As we seem to have a slight flair up in the Covid 19 cases recently, word is that the government is planning on a stricter lockdown.

What does this mean for us, who are currently facing financial turmoil, job losses and an uncertain future. Are they planning on shutting trades/enterprises, everything down? Who knows? All we know is ten to one a late as usual address followed by, with immediate affect…..

Is this going to be the final nail in our coffins or are they going to think it through?

The main concern/issue I have is that for how long is this going to carry on? This can be indefinite as every time restrictions are lifted you are guaranteed to have a relapse as people start moving around more.


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We are social beings not birds that can be caged. We need our freedom, isn’t it better to let this virus run its coarse so that we can just get over it and continue living our lives?

Yes, it is terrible and yes, it is sad, but we need to keep moving. We have lost and will loose even more should a repeat of March 2020 happen.

However, we are all intelligent people that have been blessed with the knowledge of personal well being. We are well aware of the dangers of covid 19, please let us respect one another and ourselves.

What is important to remember every day?

  • Facial masks
  • Hand sanitiser
  • Social Distancing
  • Washing hands with soap and water

We are the ones that can prevent the catastrophe of another lockdown by simply adhering to the requirements.

I know we are all (me included) over this whole thing, but again please, please, please …….. Wear your mask, use your sanitiser, keep to social distancing and protect yourself.

By protecting yourself you protect the person next to you!!

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