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Health & Safety focused Training

For Individual, Corporate and Public Safety and Health

“There are only two ways in which a manager can impact an employee’s output: motivation and training. If you are not training, then you are basically neglecting half of the job”

(Andy Grove, American Businessman)

Participants can join one of the scheduled public courses that we provide for our popular programs. If we don’t have a course scheduled at your particular time, we will link you with others to provide the most cost effective program for you. Or else we will advise you of the likely time-scale for the next course and put your name on a waiting list for said course.

In-house training

We can also provide standard courses at your own venue, providing you have access to the appropriate facilities. This may prove more cost effective and minor amendments can sometimes be incorporated to suit your specific requirements.

The minimum number of participants per course is six. If there are not enough people at your company to attend the course at one time, we will advertise in the area. This way other small companies and even private individuals can also attend the course at your venue as well as share the cost.

OUR Training courses

Safety & Health Focused Courses!

First Aid

The course typically comprise of theory, treatment and practical exercises.

We focus on teaching the theory as well as equipping clients to perform the relevant practical tests for the specific level.

Be prepared for any medical emergency at home, on the road or at the workplace. Let us equip as many staff members as possible, including yourself, with the precious skill of First Aid. Accidents happen unforeseen and unwanted, illness strikes suddenly and unexpected. First Aid knowledge is never wasted and it’s there within your reach. Your decision today might just save a life tomorrow. Call us now!

Basic Fire Training

The power of fire is absolutely devastating, therefore people tend to react to a sudden fire by freezing up, shouting or running away. So many things can accidentally start a fire. Chances of a fire occurring at your home or workplace is quite high. Make sure there are people around who know the basics of fire. It might save lives and property. We have the knowledge, do not ponder on this  – just call us!

SHE Reps

It is the employer’s responsibility to adhere to the Safety & Health laws of South Africa protecting the employer as well as the employees. Showing respect for this law is showing respect for your employees’ physical and mental health and safety. Identify people to train as SHE Reps who can assist you in keeping the workplace safe and adhering to the law. We offer the necessary training – simply give us a call!

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