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Important information regarding COVID-19 and how it affects your business - LET US ASSIST YOU!!!

Ek verwys graag na gister 3 Mei 2020 se toespraak van Mnr Williams, Hoof-Inspekteur van Health and Safety SA, rakende die veiligheids aspekte en vereistes wat in plek moet wees vir die her-opening van u besigheid.
Genoemde toespraak kan gesien word op (Youtube) News 24- (Sien Video)Silver Link Covid-19 video

Ek verstaan daar is tans baie verwarring in die land rekende die saak en dus wil ek graag die belangrikste deel onder u aandag bring:

  • Elke besigheid moet n “covid risk assessment” laat doen, deur ‘n gekwalifiseerde en geregistereerde Health and Safety Offisier,
  • Werksplek moet voorberei word en skoon gemaak word voor her-opening,
  • Genoemde risk assessment moet gevolg word met opgedateerde SOP`s en policies.
  • Alle personeel moet voorsien word van vereiste PPE
  • Elke personeellid moet ingelig wees en moet getoets word vir koors voor hulle in die werks perseel instap

Die regering het klaar begin met inspeksies op sekere besighede wat reeds oopgemaak het, en die besighede wat nie voldoen aan bogenoemde vereistes gaan toegemaak word en risiko van ‘n boete kan geloop word.

Ek vertrou begenoemde punte maak dinge meer duidelik.  Indien ek van enige hulp kan wees, en/of kan help met die nodige veiligheids toerusting (PPE) “sanitizers”, “disinfectancts”, surface sanitizer and room fogger” skakel my gerus by 082 708 2066 of Tilana Coetzee by 072 445 9763.

  • Covid 19 Policy
  • Covid 19 Business start-up Procedure
  • Covid 19 Workplace Infection Prevention Plan
  • Covid 19 Toolbox talk (3)
  • Covid 19 Symptom Inspection Report
  • Covid 19 Procedure for dealing with a positive case
  • Covid 19 Investigation Report
  • Covid 19 Risk Assessment (generic based on type of industry)
  • Covid 19 SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) (3)
  • Covid 19 Posters
Contact us for advise or to assist you with this.
Tilana: 072 445 9763
Wesley: 082 7082066

We need to bring this important matter under your attention.

When you suspect a member of your workforce to be ill or show symptoms of covid, please contact the hotline on 021 928 4102. The alternate option is to contact Riversdale Hospital trauma unit 028 716 8677 if you are not satisfied. They will assist as far as they can.

When this happens on your site and/or at your workplace the suspected person needs to be isolated immediately and may not come into contact with any other person. The suspected individual must be taken home for isolation and visit the clinic at the first given opportunity. The clinic conducts covid tests Monday, Wednesday and Friday at Melkhoutfontein and Tuesday and Thursday in Still Bay.

Please take note again of some of the symptoms below:

1. Fever
2. Sore throat
3. Headache
4. Diahorrea
5. Aches and pains
6. Loss of body strength
7. Loss of sense of taste
8. Difficulty breathing
9. Dry cough

What to do:

1. Isolate individual and contact hotline/Riversdale hospital
2. Sanitise work area
3. Have individual taken home and isolate for 10 – 14 days
4. Have individual go to clinic for tests ASAP, worker only returns after screening is clear and tests are negative (during this time he must self-isolate)
5. Monitor remaining staff for symptoms to prevent further illness and shutdown of site and/or workplace.
6. Ensure staff wear their masks and practice safe hygiene
7. Keep talking to staff regarding covid on a regular basis

It is important as far as possible to keep our distance of 1.5m although not practical on a building site. Please make sure the workers use the hand sanitiser and wear their masks at all times.

It is a uncertain time we are in and the last thing we need is to be at home for 14 days without an income. Your staff need to understand the importance and seriousness of the matter and realise that their health and well-being is in their hands.

Please let me know should you require any assistance

Tilana Coetzee 072 445 9763
Wesley Ward Able 082 708 2066


From The Desk.

Dr. Amanda Maud.
12 July 2020.

Greetings Patients and Friends,


As we move into the peak of the curve with COVID 19, and the virus affecting all of us, I thought to share with you what I have learned about this very interesting and complex virus, the way it may affect you and what to do if you do test positive for the Corona Virus.

– If you are a “vulnerable” patient, and even if not, please be aware that we are moving into the peak period of the virus moving though the community. I would ask everyone to voluntarily keep themselves on level 4/5, through the next 6 weeks, or until such time as we see the curve on the graph of infections, slowing down and returning towards the baseline. Everyone is at risk, and the more contact you have with the virus, the higher the “viral load’ you expose your immune system too. That means, every time you come in contact with the virus, you are infected again, and again, and again…. The amount of virus entering your body increases with each exposure. This is the aim of the methods we are asking you to take – social distancing, personal hygiene, and limiting your outside contacts and exposure.

– If you are exposed to a confirmed positive patient, you are at most risk if you have had contact with them within 2 days of the person developing symptoms. Because of the high load on the Laboratories with testing, there is a “triage” system in place, the reasons for testing take precedence:

– Ill patients
– Health care workers
– patients needing admission to hospital for reasons other than COVID 19

So, if you have been exposed, please follow the NICD guidelines, available on their website. Self-isolate for 14 days (including your close family and those you live with), if at any time you start to develop symptoms, contact your doctor who will refer you for a test. If you do not develop any symptoms, there is no need to test before resuming normal activities at the end of the 14 days.

– If you have tested positive, you and your family (those living with you), need to self-isolate. The positive person needs to be isolated separate to the others in the house. Preferably in their own room, with own bathroom, but any shared areas need to be sanitized and wiped down regularly, and specifically after the infected person has used the area.

This virus can cause any number of symptoms, but generally a fever, cough, fatigue and body aches are an indication that the virus is active.

I am recommending to following management to my patients:
– LINCTAGON C – 3 times a day (contains Vit C, Zinc, Vit D and Quecetin to boost your immune system.)
– ACC 200 – twice a day (N-Acetyl cysteine is both a mucolytic, but has also been shown to have anti-inflammatory effects on the lungs and blood vessels).
– Paracetamol – for fever and body aches. I am recommending that my patients only treat the fever if the temperature goes over 38,5 in the first 3 days. The reason for this, is the fever is part of the immune reaction to the virus, and we want your body to develop this response to the virus, to fight it off.
– Fluids – keep drinking.
– Breathing exercises – to keep opening up the lungs. “Proning” is doing breathing exercises lying on your stomach to encourage air moving into the bottom of your lungs.
– Keep moving. Part of the medical complication of infection with this virus is clotting disorders. You need to keep moving to improve blood flow into the legs, and around the body. So try and move/ walk about a bit, every hour, rather than lying in bed, however tired you feel.
– The time to become concerned about the infection is when you become short of breath, as this indicates that inflammation may be developing in the lungs.


Remember that this is a viral infection so:

– The first week will follow the same pattern as Flu or a cold. The symptoms will present themselves, and you will feel your worst on day3/4, and then should slowly start to feel better.

– At this time your body is generating an immune response to the virus, and hopefully will manage to combat the virus, clear it from the system, and start to heal.

– In a subset of patients (those with other illnesses, and perhaps other factors which we don’t yet understand) at about Day 9/10, the Immune system begins to OVER-REACT (“the cytokine storm”). The immune system causes the release of massive amounts of inflammatory reagents which damage the body as opposed to helping it heal. This is the critical phase of the illness. Please be aware that Day 9-14 are the days of most concern. This is when the ability of the body to absorb Oxygen from the lungs is impeded, and the Oxygen saturation (amount of oxygen carried by the blood) starts to drop. It makes sense that you will start to breath harder and faster to try and increase the amount of Oxygen in the blood – as if you are climbing Kilimanjaro – similar to altitude sickness.

If the shortness of breath increases, you will need to go to an outpatient/emergency unit for assessment of your Oxygen Saturation. Normally this value (read by a PULSE OXIMETER), is between 98-100%. With COVID 19 it drops dramatically. If the O2 Sats drops below 92% you will need to be admitted for Oxygen therapy and monitoring.

The rationale behind O2 Therapy, is that when you are breathing room air, the O2 concentration is 27%, when you are given 100% O2 into the lungs, we TRIPLE the amount of O2 available to be absorbed into the blood and can see you through the worst of the illness. Ventilation is the LAST resort.

A word about Cortisone. As I try to explain to my patients, cortisone has 2 major effects on the body:

– It is an Immuno-suppressant. i.e. it suppresses the body’s immune response (as in organ transplantation and auto-immune diseases). In the first phase of the illness we DON’T want to suppress your body’s ability to fight the illness, so cortisone is NOT used.
– it is an extremely effective anti-inflammatory. In the second phase of the illness when massive inflammation is happening in the lungs, we WANT to suppress the inflammation, so cortisone is used to try and limit the damage inflammation is causing to the lungs and blood vessels.

Novel Corona virus, SARS-Co 2, is a fascinating and ever evolving virus which is here to stay. We have to learn to live with it.

We are currently experiencing the first wave, as our predecessors did with the “Spanish Flu” ( my great grandfather died in 1919 at age 34 from the Spanish Flu, here in Durban). The virus will recur in waves, but as the immunity in the general population increases, the strength of the wave will get weaker and weaker, until eventually COVID 19 is controlled by a vaccine, which will probably have to change yearly as the virus mutates – just like the Flu vaccine.

In the meantime we have to learn to live with this virus.

Now for some psychology (and my patients know I always am very happy to impart my “pearls of wisdom”).
If you FEAR something, you give it POWER. If you give it POWER over you, you become a VICTIM. If you become a VICTIM, you cannot live your life without FEAR, and it STEALS your LIFE.
We are all going to get the virus at some point. Our weapons against the virus are KNOWLEDGE, because knowledge is POWER, and COMMON SENSE. Take the correct precautions, listen to people who will give you evidence-based factual information. Ignore the fear-mongers.

Learn to live with the virus, without fear, moving forward to a happy, healthy life.
We are here for you.
I hope this letter has given you Knowledge and I have empowered you going forward.
Keep well and use your common sense,
Amanda Maud

Please let me know should you require any assistance

Tilana Coetzee 072 445 9763
Wesley Ward Able 082 708 2066

Silver Link Covid-19 video


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